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All about Destiny Electronic Centre

We have reached a milestone of 35,000 products in June 2017.

Destiny Electronic Centre was established in January 2001 as an Industrial and Consumer Electronics Retailer and currently operates in 2 locations (Penang Island & Butterworth). It has grown from a small unknown retail shop to become a major importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor. With its continuous effort and potential, it is now one of the largest electronic stores in Malaysia.

The opening of a branch in Penang island in Febuary 2004, is to support Penang customers. In June 2005, it doubled its operating space of Butterworth. With its expanded operating space and continuous support from customers, it had successfully stocked 15,000 products in June 2007. In February 2009, POS system was implemented to improve the efficiency of its operation.

Furthermore, it had further expanded its customer base by introducing its website in September 2010. With a better stock management, it had greatly improved its operating efficiency. As a result, in September 2012, it hit a milestone of 20,000 products. In February 2014, Penang branch had been relocated to a much larger operating space, 3800 sqft, to offer better supports to customers. In December 2014, it successfully expanded to 25,000 products. Due to the remarkable growth in Penang branch, the range is increased to 30,0000 products in October 2015. From September 2017, Butterworth site is to support online sales and telesales. While, Penang site focuses on retail sales with up to 35,000 products.

After almost 17 years of operation, Destiny Electronic Centre has become a major supplier of wide varieties of electronic products and devices. In addition, it would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers for their invaluable supports.

Business Hours:

Penang Island (Elit Avenue, Bayan Baru)             Butterworth (Kampung Benggali, Bagan)
- Monday to Friday: 0830am to 0500pm                  - Monday to Friday:   0830am to 0500pm
- Saturday:              0830am to 1230pm                  - Saturday - Sunday:  Closed 
- Sunday Closed