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With over 35,000 products and offer a huge inventory of electronics, electro-mechanical, active/ passive components and interconnect parts, it has now become a reliable 1-Stop electronics super sourcing store virtually for all your electronic needs.


Robotic Products

- Robotic chassis
- Over 100 sensors
- Learning robotic kits
- Mecanum and omni wheels
- Wireless modules
- Over 1000 hobby kits

Latest News

  • Over 30 types of good quality (Taiwan) radio frequency (RF) connector  cable assemblies are available now. - SMA, SMB, BNC, MMCX, N series, TNC - Please visit us for more information.

  • A new series of pneumatic parts are available. The range includes pneumatic fitting connectors, speed control exhaust, electric and mechanical air valve, pneumatic speed control, cylinders and others. Please visit us for more information.